OBM Retainer

Let's transform your one-woman show into a dream team.

Raise your hand if this sounds a little too familiar...

You’re a coach that has a booming business and a client retention rate that is through the roof. 

You feel like you are stuck in scaling because there is only one of you and a million different things to manage in your business. 

You’ve brought on other team members, but now managing them has created a whole new list of to-dos. 

You feel like you are spending less time in your zone of genius and more time just keeping your business organized. 

It’s time to change that. 

As an OBM, I provide strategic leadership and operational support to help you achieve the business of your dreams. 

Here's what that looks like...


Client support, onboarding/ offboarding, community management

Client Experience

Ensuring processes are consistent and documented

SOP Creation + Implementation

Task delegation, team hiring, onboarding/offboarding, providing support, recurring team meetings

Team Management


Finding the right cocktail of systems for your business and implementing them 

Create seamless processes through the set up of automations, funnels, and sequences

Build out of sales pages, course materials, platform setup + maintenance

Course Creation

Keeping your website and CRM fresh AF by performing monthly maintenance

CRM + Website Maintenance

Strategy + Implementation

Automations, Funnels + Sequences

Project Management

Launch Support

Project Planning

Project Management Tool

Goal mapping, delegation, task management.

Launch strategy and planning for programs, courses, and memberships.

Complete setup of a project management tool

Work. Work.Work.
(As Rihanna says)

 It all starts with our monthly strategy sesh

The month begins with a 90 minute strategy sesh. This is where we will go over what worked the previous month and the upcoming projects for the current month.

is key.

After our strategy sesh, the fun begins for me! I will delegate projects between team members and start working on all the system goodness!

We will stay in touch via Slack day to day. I will have weekly team meetings to make sure everything is running smoothly. And then we will meet biweekly to keep you up to date with all the latest projects. 




how it works each month


Monthly OBM Retainer

  • One 90 Minute Strategy + Planning Call per Month
  • Recurring biweekly meetings
  • High Level Management Support
  • Systems building
  • Personalized Client Hub to Stay on Track with Goals
  • Monthly KPI reporting and weekly team progress updates


investment starts at...




"I can honestly say, I don't know where I'd be without Shelby...

She has given me structure, ideas, and made my day to day work life so much easier. I get so much more done with what I am good at - talking with my coaching students and showing up for them! I don't want to worry about the things I'm not so great at because it takes my attention away from what's most important. Shelby helped me stay focused on what I am good at and I can't imagine trying to figure all these things out while I'm trying to actually work! Best decision I have ever made in my business.

Astrology Business coach


Knowing I have someone to support me and create systems is the best feeling! In fact, our first month working together I hit my highest sales month yet!

Shelby is a total game changer for any business owner looking to scale their business sustainably! Knowing that my back end systems are set up allows me to sell with ease and confidence, knowing my clients will be taken care of every step along the way! I love Shelby's bubbly energy and her commitment to making my life and business easier! Knowing that I have someone in my corner who understands my business and anticipates my needs is a game changer. 

Brand + business coach

Emily K.

Client Love

An OBM allows you to regain focus on YOU and serving your clients in the best way that you can. Not only will you be saving time, you will also be saving money with efficient systems + processes set in place. True business growth is found in a team, so partnering with an OBM to be your right hand gal is the way to grow!

How can an OBM transform my business?

It truly depends on where you are at and how you are feeling in your business, but here are some questions to ask yourself to help you determine if you are ready for an OBM...
Do you love your biz, but feel like your stuck in scaling it?
Do you have a true strategy to how things are done in your biz?
Do you feel like you have too many moving parts going on?
Do you feel overwhelmed with your biz?
Are you willing to invest in your biz?
Are you able to give up control?
Are you tired of doing ALL the things?

How do I know if I'm ready for an OBM?

An OBM is all about being the planner + manager of all tasks, making sure all aspects of your coaching biz are running smoothly + are as streamlined as possible. As an OBM, I manage everything from new product / offer launches to client onboarding.

What the f*ck does an OBM do?


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