Your Systems Need to Glow Up WITH You

When is the last time you sat down and really looked at your systems and how they are performing within your business?


More than likely it’s been quite a few months, years, or maybe never.

And that’s OKAY (just don’t let it happen again LOL)

Let’s walk through why you systems need to be look at every 3ish months.

Updating the Outdated

What all has changed in your biz in the last few months?

A few things we tend to forget to change in our systems:

  • New office hours
  • Updated email signature
  • New step in an onboarding workflow

Update these items in your systems ASAP!

Optimize Your Life

Think back on the little or big things that have happened with your systems that have f*cking annoyed you.

Maybe you have to manually remind clients about open invoices or you feel like your offboarding process should be a bit simpler.

Use these annoying things to find ways to optimize your systems.

Elevating Client Experience

As you scale, your client experience should as well. Make sure your client facing systems are functional and fun to look at!

This can look like upgrading your proposal to include your new brand photos, or just making sure your brand colors are consistent across all platforms.

P.S. Not sure how to optimize your systems? Let’s craft the perfect cocktail of systems for your biz, sis. Click here to schedule a Systems Strategy session!

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