4 Things Every Project Management System Needs

Ready to set up a new project management system but you have NO idea where to start?

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Here are the features that your new project management system needs:

Customizable Workflows

Your workflows should be able to fit your team’s processes instead of you adjusting your processes to fit the system’s workflows! Customizing your system’s workflows makes it simple for each team member to see the status of each project.

Collaborative Features

A cloud-based project management system allows you to work with your team seamlessly! You’ll save so much time with live updates as changes are made instead of sending millions of emails manually to your team with updates.

Visual Timeline Feature

Using a visual timeline is the best way to avoid overloading your team. At one glance, you’ll be able to see exactly when you can accept new clients (or even take time off!).

A System You’ll Actually Use

Of course, cool features are important, but the best project management system is one you’ll actually use! Do some research or consult with an OBM before investing in a new system to make sure it’ll fit your needs.

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