Here are four course platforms that might be the perfect match for you!


Thrivecart has been a go to for most of my clients lately! The checkout pages allow for multiple payment options which is just *chef’s kiss*! Not to mention, the student side of the platform is so easy to navigate and looks stunning.

Thivecart is for the girlies who don’t want to pay for a platform all the time! Seriously, it’s a ONE-time fee of $495 (you can make this back in ONE sale!)


If you’re not tech savvy, Podia is for you! It’s super user-friendly and affordable (their free plan is perfect for dipping your toes in!).

It has SO many features such as communities, email marketing, and website hosting!


Thinkific is another user friendly platform for both you and your clients! They have a free plan that is pretty badass too! With Thinkific you can: host communities, offer affiliate codes, and more!

Thinkific comes with so many amazing resources to help you sell the sh*t out of your course. With a subscription, you get access to workshops, strategies to price your course, help to design your course, and so much more!


This is a great option if your goal is to build a course or membership with a community!

Mighty Networks has amazing community features to help all of your students feel connected.


Lucky for you, I’ve created a short quiz to help you decide!

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