Imagine this: you’re finally ready to outsource your content creation (yay!) but you have no idea what the f*ck you’re doing. Ew, instant stress.

Bringing on a new team member should be FUN, not cause more stress for you 🤪

Because we don’t gatekeep, here are my three fave ways to bring on a new team member in a fun, stress-free way!

SOPS please!

WTF is an SOP? SOP (aka your Standard Operating Procedure) helps keep each and every one of your biz procedures super streamlined. When you pass these off to your employee, it’s basically like you’ve cloned yourself! SOPs can be created for any procedure from email marketing to content creation to client communications.

Pro tip: organize these SOPs BEFORE you make the move to expand your team, and thank me later 😉

Decide exactly what your team will be doing!

Outsourcing can seem so dreamy, but you need to decide what tasks you’re delegating for before you offer the job! Go through all of the tasks you do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and decide exactly which ones you’d like to outsource.

Pro tip: once you decide on each team member’s tasks, make sure your contract reflects the exact jobs they’ll be doing!

No micro-managing!

Ugh, we’ve all had those bosses who are constantly up in our business. When you’re figuring out what you want to outsource, make sure you’re actually okay with handing things off to your new team!

Pro tip: set aside time each week to chat with your new team members to check in on their progress (instead of every day!).

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