Mistakes You’re Making in the Backend of Your Coaching Biz


Using More Than One System to Onboard New Clients

If you’re using more than one system to send a proposal, invoice, contract, questionnaire then you are doing it WRONG! Use a CRM to streamline + automate your onboarding process.

Not Integrating Your Systems

Hello meet Zapier, your new best friend. Zapier can integrate basically alllll systems. Want to connect your CRM to your email marketing platform? Zapier has you covered.

Not Using a Project Management System to Stay on Track

Project management systems (like Trello, Asana, or Clickup) are lifesavers when you have so many moving parts of a business. Keep track of your to dos, your team’s to dos and your goals!

DIYing Your Automations + Systems

DIYing your systems is a don’t in my book. As you scale your business and gain more clients, your DIY systems + processes won’t be able to keep up! It’s best to outsource the setup of your systems + automations now, so save yourself from the chaos, stress, and eventually burnout that comes from DIYed systems.

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