We all make mistakes and this one that I made was BIG.⁠

Back in the day when I had recently switched from HoneyBook to Dubsado, I messed up my onboarding workflow pretty badly. ⁠

I thought that I had it ALL figured out and I thought that I certainly did not need help creating my workflows. ⁠

Well that definitely backfired…

I had a discovery call and was so excited to send off my new proposal (with the contract + invoice)! ⁠

I sent it off and couldn’t wait to see how brilliantly my onboarding workflow worked. ⁠

(For some context: new clients were to receive their proposal, then an email with a questionnaire and link to book their kick off call, and then a welcome guide)⁠

After they paid their invoice and contract…. CRICKETS.

And my dumb ass thought they were just taking a bit to complete the questionnaire and schedule their call. I didn’t even think to check to make sure the workflow was working properly.

After about 3 days, I got an email from my client saying “uhhh hello? I paid you and haven’t heard anything from you since”⁠

NOT a great look lol

And thankfully, since then I’ve become well versed in the land of automated workflows (And I’m actually obsessed with them if you haven’t noticed)⁠

DIYing your workflows is all fun and games until you mess up with a new client and make a less than stellar first impression.

Avoid the mess and outsource your automated workflows! ⁠

Need help with your workflows? Click here to book a discovery call! ⁠

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