Oh girl, sit down and let me tell ya!

An SOP aka Standard Operating Procedure is essentially your directions on how things work within your business.

It is quite literally step by step instructions on how to do a certain process (for example: how to onboard a new client!)

Ok, but WHY do you need them?!

Having a set routine of doing things in your coaching biz means…

Your day to day life becomes a hell of a lot easier

Each client will receive the same stellar service

You will be WAY more efficient

Expanding your team will be so much easier

Imagine this… you’re finally ready to outsource your email marketing, BUT you haven’t documented the process that you have perfected over the last few months and now you are trying to remember all the steps to explain it to your new team member… ew, stressful.

Save yourself the stress & SOP the sh*t out of your biz!

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