Let me guess…🫣

When you started your coaching biz, you were totally fine with doing certain things manually and didn’t really put any processes into place because, let’s be honest, you only had a few clients.

But NOW that your business is growing, sh*t has literally hit the fan

You are scrambling to send invoices and editing contracts.

Your onboarding process looks a little different for each client depending on how frantic you are.

And you’re not entirely sure if that client ever paid you!

It’s a f**cking mess.

To make matters worse, not only are YOU suffering, but your clients are having to suffer through it, too!

Imagine making an investment in a coach, and then ending up in a container that is complete chaos.

Wouldn’t make you very happy, would it?

So how in the hell do you fix it?!

A growing biz calls for a growing team.

You need someone on your side to streamline the backend of your business, enhance your client experience, and make your overall business easier to manage.

You need an OBM, sis.

If you felt like I was literally calling you out, then click here for a quick chat so we can see how to turn things around in your business!

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