Planning your day can be super overwhelming! So much to do & so little time!

Not mention working from home can be a little difficult with all the distractions (Netflix, Hulu, and don’t even get me started on online shopping…)

1. Start your day off strong with a great morning routine. Take this time to create a calm, peaceful, and joyful mindset for your day.

2. Time-Blocking is KEY! I love to create big blocks of time on my schedule that I can use to focus on my biggest priority for the day. If I plan out every single minute of my day, I find that my schedule is too cluttered and I am even more overwhelmed than I already was!

3. At the end of each day, plan out your next day! Whatever you didn’t complete or whatever new projects/clients have popped up throughout the day can get added on to tomorrow’s schedule.

4. Outsource the tasks that you spend hours doing and hating every minute of. You should focus your time on areas of your biz that you are great at! Ask yourself if investing your money in a virtual assistant would take you to the next step on your business journey… if the answer if yes, I would love to help you on that journey! Click here to reach out!

How do YOU plan out your day?

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